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Shree Himavad Gopalaswamy



Whatever has happened, has happened for good. Whatever is happening, is happening for good. Whatever is going to happen, it will be

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for good. What have you lost for which you cry? What did you bring with you, which you have lost? What did you produce, which has destroyed? You did not bring anything when you were born. Whatever

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you have, you have received from Him. Whatever you will give, you will give to Him. You came empty handed and you will go the same way. Whatever is yours today was somebody else's yesterday and will be somebody else's tomorrow. SO WHY WORRY UNNECESSARILY? Change is the law of the universe.

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Welcome to Himavad Gopalaswamy Temple....

This temple

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took shape in the 14th century and is dedicated to Lord Gopalaswamy / Krishna installed by the rishi / sage Agasthya. The idol is sculpted to perfection and the

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Lord is standing in a dancing pose with a flute in his hands. Simple yet grand the prabhavali/panel behind the idol has carvings of a tree, the Lords friends, his consorts Rukmini and Satyabhama, Cows and Cowherds. Another unique feature here is that throughout the year just above the door leading to the Sanctum Sanctorum cold-water drips constantly. The priest patiently narrates the legends associated with the place and sprinkles this water on the devotees.


This temple was built by the King Chola Ballala during AD 1315. Later the Wodeyars of Mysore who were ardent devotees of Lord Venugopala displayed keen interest in maintaining the hill temple. The plain tracts on the hills are covered with lush grass, and is home to elephants, deer and rabbit, while the slopes are covered with thick forests, home to tigers and leopards. The hills are also home to some rich bird life including peacocks, parrots, forest hens and pelicans. The forest is covered with rosewood, teakwood and other such valuable wood. It lies in the core area of the Bandipur National Park and is frequented by wildlife including elephants. Being a part of the Bandipur wildilife sanctuary, the hills are frequented by grazing wild elephants. The place is also known for its picturesque views of the surrounding hills and valleys. One can also get a view of the spectacular sunrise and sunset from a top.

The temple is dedicated to Gopalaswamy, which is one of the names of the Hindu God Krishna. The gopuram of the temple is single-tiered and rests on the compound wall of the enclosure. A dhwajastambha (flag-pillar) and a bali-peetam (sacrificial altar) is present in the mukha mantapa (inner-porch). The parapet wall of the fa%ade of the mukha mantapa contains the sculpture of dashavatara (the avatars of the Hindu God Vishnu) with the centre portion of the sculpture depicting Krishnavatara (the avatar of Vishnu in which he appeared as Krishna). There is a shikhara tower over the garbha griha (sanctum sanctorum). The garbha griha contains an idol of Krishna holding a flute under a tree. Krishna is flanked by his friends and the posture is that of a dance with the left big toe resting on the right one. The panel also features several characters and icons from Krishna's avatar. Lord Gopalaswamy's idol is flanked by his consorts, Rukmini and Satyabhama. Cows and cowherds are featured towards the right side of the panel.

A lake is situated near the temple and is popularly called Hamsatirtha. The swan acquires a mythical significance, symbolising knowledge, tranquillity and salvation. Legend says that sage Agastya, performed intense penance and as a result lord Vishnu blessed this place and promised to reside here. As this was a place of worship and penance, it used to be called as 'Hamsatheertha', which means the lake of swans in Sanskrit.

Being a part of the Bandipur wildlife sanctuary, the hills are frequented by grazing wild elephants. The place is also known for its picturesque views of the surrounding hills, valleys and visitors may also see the spectacular sunrise and sunset from the top.